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There are so many reasons why the Owashtanong Island Audubon Society thinks you should get your bird-related content from BWD...
Five Reasons You Should Choose BWD
...and raising funds for the Owashtanong Island Audubon Society is only one of them!
5. WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE TO BWD YOU JOIN A FAMILY OF BIRD WATCHERS JUST LIKE YOU. No kidding. In fact, we wish we were birding right now, but we're trying to make a good impression on you (so you'll spend your time and money with us). Is it working?
4. OUR CONTENT IS ENTERTAINING, INFORMATIVE, AND TRUSTWORTHY. Lots of stuff you read on the Internet and in print does not truly qualify for these adjectives. Ours does. We are content experts when it comes to birds and birding.
3. WE OFFER MORE THAN JUST A PRINT MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION. We have an amazing website, an award-winning digital edition that's free with your print subscription, a cool app for your favorite mobile devices, lots of books we've either written or edited (or both), a backyard publication, a free e-newsletter, a hugely popular podcast, two birding blogs, and lots more content on the way via all of these channels.
2. WHEN YOU CALL US (OR E-MAIL US) YOU REALLY GET US—not some far-flung call center or circulation agency. Ever tried to get your bird questions answered by "Steve" via the customer help line in Madras? You call BWD, you get BWD. And it will probably be my mom, Elsa (BWD's founding publisher) who answers the phone.
1. WE PUT OUR MONEY WHERE YOUR HEART IS. Since 2004, BWD has donated more than $30,000 to organizations like the Owashtanong Island Audubon Society. Subscribe today to give yourself the gift of great content and we'll give the Owashtanong Island Audubon Society half of your payment.
Hope you're convinced. But if not, feel free to give us a call:
Our offices are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern time, Monday through Friday.
—Bill Thompson, III
Editor, Bird Watcher's Digest
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